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Windows error codes can be cryptic and frustrating. Check out this Setup guide for solving your Windows Error code 80004005 and how to keep it from happening again.

What happens

The error code appears when you try to install Microsft Windows XP or when you try to launch the operating system. The message states that Windows cannot obtain your computer license information to check for validity.

Step-by-step instruction in case of Windows code 80004005

Error code 80004005 is caused by a damaged file in your PC which is necessary for activating Windows products. The file may either be corrupt or missing altogether or may have been manually changed. If you are using a third party backup system this can also cause the error to occur. Depending upon the type of antivirus/anti-malware program you are using this could also potentially interfere with the installation of Windows XP.

The solution to the problem depends upon whether you are upgrading to Windows XP from Windows 98 or you are simply installing Windows XP. If you are performing an upgrade or doing a clean installation and you received the error, you will need to boot up your PC from the Windows XP CD and perform an in-place upgrade which will repair the problem in Windows XP. It may also be necessary to change the boot order in BIOS so the CD will boot before your hard drive. You can check the system information for your specific PC to see if this is required. That said, when you see Welcome to Setup press the Enter key to setup Windows and then accept the Licensing Agreement. Windows will search for current installations and then prompt you to select the installation you want to fix. Once you have selected it press R to begin the repair process. Windows setup up will copy the required files to your hard drive and then reboot and then it will continue as if it is doing a clean installation.

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