Windows Error Code 1004 - Fix It Faster Than Microsoft Run-Time error: Method On Key Up Object_APPLICATION Failed.
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A How-to guide on solving Windows Error Code 1004. Read our guide on solving Windows Error Code 1004 and use these tips. It will help you to troubleshoot your issue.

About the Error

This is a minor problem and occurs when a user attempts to open a Microsoft Excel file by clicking on the Excel icon located on the desktop or toolbar at the bottom of the screen. The program will not open because the configuration settings have been changed, either inadvertently or because of system corruption. The error message may also appear because of invalid registry entries or out dated drivers.

Getting rid of the Windows code 1004 notification

To correct this error, first of all close all programs that may be running. Then open the C: drive and double click on the Microsoft Office folder to open it. Search for a file called gwxl97.xla and when it is found, right click on it. The drop down menu will show a Delete option and this should be clicked to remove the file. Close the folder and drive C: and although it is not essential, it is better to reboot the system. Upon restart, the icon should be functional. If the icon does not appear, click on Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office. Right click on Excel and when the drop down menu opens click on Send To and then on Desktop. A new shortcut icon will be created.

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