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This error also shows the message “Error_Stack_Overflow.” It occurs on certain servers when a backup is attempted and the attempt fails. Other operations may still continue but this message indicates instability in the system and corrective action should be taken before other problems occur. The most common causes of this problem are invalid or out-dated registry entries and corrupted drivers.

How I solved the code 1001 error

Since the problem occurs with servers, corrective action is best left to a qualified systems administrator. However if the administrator is not available and since the problem should not be allowed to linger as it may escalate into other issues; a network user who has the required permission may attempt corrective action. The computer should be rebooted and upon re-start the Windows Event Log should be checked. This Log shows significant systems events including problems and errors. The simplest way to access the Log is to open click on the start button and open Help and Support and search for Windows Event Log. The page that opens will offer both a link to the Event Viewer which gives details of all the problems that have occurred and the Network Trouble Shooter. If the 1001 Error is shown, click on the Network trouble shooter link to open the automated check and repair option. Follow the onscreen instructions to take corrective action. If no problems are shown or if the actions taken do not remove the problem, it is best to wait for the administrator or an expert to determine the cause of the problem. Experimenting with other fix options can lead to a systems crash.

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