Tips to get rid of Windows Error Code 1012 The configuration registration key could not be read.
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This page shows you the easy and correct steps required to repair a Windows 1012 error. Check it out and finally get rid of this problem.

The Problem

This error is also displayed as “Error_Cantread.” It appears when a program on one computer in a network request a service from a program located on another computer using a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and the request fails and the service is not available or the information is not transmitted. This is a server related problem and is best tackled by an expert systems administrator. There are various programs involved in this exchange operation between computers and the problem could lie in any one or all of them.

How to fix a Windows Registration error code 1012

Removing this problem involves modifying the registry and any mistakes in the process could result in a complete systems crash and loss of programs and data. If expert help is not available you could attempt to modify the registry yourself, but proceed with great care. Click on the Start button and type Regedit to run the registry editing utility. Locate the registry values for Microsoft .NET Framework and find the Rootver registry. The value should be 1.1.4322.0. If it is different, make the required changes and close the utility. Reboot the system and if the changes have been made correctly, the problem should have been removed and the error will not reappear. Remember to always do a complete backup before attempting any modification of the registry so that if things do go wrong, all your data is safe.

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