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Windows error code 101 is an error that occurs very rarely. In fact, there is only one piece of hardware that is known to invoke this error. The fix will require you to get rid of this hardware in order to stop the error message from displaying.

Windows code 101 - Repair instruction

The Windows error code 101 will only happen if your computer has a MatsuShita CD-ROM drive installed on it, and only if you are running Windows 95 or Windows 98. The newer versions of Windows Operating Systems, such as XP and Windows 7 do not report this error code. There may be installation errors that feature 101 in their name, but the true Windows error code 101 is reserved only for that rare combination of the hardware mentioned and the older operating systems.

In addition to the previously mentioned circumstances, this error only happens during an installation of Microsoft Office 97, which makes the occurrences of Windows error code 101 even more infrequent. If you do find yourself in the scenario that matches this error, you have a few options that you can try:

  • Contact the manufacturer to see if they have a fix for this particular error message.
  • Replace the CD drive with a different brand that will not cause this error to occur.
  • Install Microsoft Office from a different CD or using floppy disks.

There are still many computers in production that are running the older Microsoft operating systems. If you are running a computer that has one of the OS versions and are getting this error, you should know that Microsoft will not provide support for these operating systems. If you cannot work with the vendor or use another solution listed here, you may have no choice but to buy a new CD drive.

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