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Finding the solution for Windows Error Code 1326 is only another click away. Read the following Permission article on solving Windows Error Code 1326 in order to finally get rid of it.

What happens

This error results from use of an unknown username or a bad password. The obvious cause is entering in an incorrect username or password, but you may also get this error code even if you have entered in the correct information. In the latte situation, it is often caused by incorrect administrative security settings.

Professional help if ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE'

When you get this error code, first ensure that you have entered in the correct username and password, and attempt to login again. If you are still unable to connect, even if you are sure that you are using the correct username and password, then check under the Windows Administrative Tools / Local security settings / Local policies / Security options. Check the value and change accordingly.

This error may also occur if you are using a proxy array, and the error may apply to use of Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 Standard Edition. If this is the case, and the error has occurred, it may be because the default web site has clear text, and not NTLM, enabled. Go to the Web Proxy properties Routing tab, click Advanced. Input a valid administrator account next to each proxy array. Select “Allow basic/clear text authentication.” Apply the changes and then click out of the dialog box. Changes are then applied to all proxy array members.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Permission error #1326

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