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This page shows you the easy and correct steps required to repair a Windows 70 error.

"The remote server has been paused or is in the process of being started. (code 70)"

Check it out and finally get rid of this Network problem.

What happens

If you are a server administrator or IT professional responsible for Windows Clustered Servers, you may see Windows error 70 when a paused cluster server tries to bring resources online after maintenance or downtime.

Do this if you see Windows Network code 70

  • Click on Start, and then click on Run and type in cmd.
  • When the command prompt comes up enter the following command “cluster node” and hit Enter.
  • Take note of the information that is displayed. If you have a node that is paused you should see the word “paused” displayed next to the server.
  • Return to the command prompt and type in the following command “cluster node node_name/resume (node name will be the name of your clustered server) and hit Enter.
  • A confirmation message should appear on the screen to let you know that the server is now up.

After you perform those steps you should make sure that you repeat steps 1-3 to verify that all of the nodes are up and running. Return to a workstation that is connected to the resources on the clustered server and attempt to access the resources again. The error message should no longer occur.

To avoid these messages, you should be sure to un-pause any clustered services after you perform network maintenance. You can also use the commands listed above immediately after any server maintenance or downtime to verify that no servers are in a paused state prior to network users trying to access information stored on these clustered servers. Windows error code 70 is more of a status message than a true error and can be avoided by un-pausing the servers in a timely manner.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Network error #70

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