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This page shows you the easy and correct steps required to repair a Windows 68 error.

"The name limit for the local computer network adapter card was exceeded. (code 68)"

Check it out and finally get rid of this Network problem.

What happens

If you try to access another computer or server on your network via LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) or another common networking protocol and there are coding or registry errors, you will see Windows error code 68.

Do this if you see Windows Network code 68

Solving Windows error code 68 is not always a simple task. The fact that there are a few potential causes to the error in addition to the fact that a software coding issue might be attributing to the error makes getting the issue resolved a bit more complex than other Windows error codes. The information that follows in regard to resolving this error should only be attempted by someone with more advanced computer troubleshooting skills

Since the most common cause of this error is a Windows server actually running out of ports, that is the best place to start. Here are some steps that you can take to resolve this issue. Use caution when accessing your Windows registry.

  • Launch Registry Editor – this is done by clicking on Start then on Run and typing in regedit.exe and hitting the Enter Key.
  • When the Registry Editor launches, expand the keys on the left hand side by hitting the “+” key.
  • Locate the key titled
  • “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcip\Parameters.
  • Double-click on MaxUserPort and type the number 65534 in the box labeled “Value” and click on OK.
  • Close Registry Editor.
  • Restart your computer.
  • See if you can access the network resource you were trying to reach when the error message first occurred.

If you still get the error after this point you may need to talk to your systems administrator or software developer if you are using an application that is causing this error to occur.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Network error #68

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