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Running into Windows Error code 66 (The network resource type is not correct. (code 66)) can slow up your day. Searching out this guide will help you take care of the Network problem once and for all.

What happens

Windows error code 66 commonly happens when trying to add a new printer to a computer that is on a network. You might also come upon this error when trying to add other peripheral hardware to your computer.

Do following to prevent Windows code 66

To resolve Windows error code 66, you will need to use a few command line resources in place of typical GUI interface functions in Windows.Here are the steps to take in order to get the printer installed on your computer.

  • In the lower right hand corner of your computer screen you should see the Start button or a Windows icon – click on that button.
  • This will bring up the Start menu – type in cmd into the text box and hit the Enter key.
  • You should now see the Command Prompt window on your screen.
  • Right click on the Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator.
  • Type everything that follows, minus the quotation marks “net use LPT# \\server\printer /persistent:yes”
  • For the command line that you type in you will want to put the appropriate information for your network and printer in the fields for #, printer and server. The line as written above uses generic information as a placeholder.
  • Add the printer locally using the LPT# port. For computers with no parallel cable, the LPT1 port should be used.

This process uses the command line to add a printer for cases when the standard OS Add a Printer wizard is malfunctioning on the network. If this command does not work, you may need to get a network administrator to assist you with locating the correct resources on the network that you should be connecting to. If you are typing in the wrong print server name, you will not be able to connect.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Network error #66

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