Trouble With Windows Monitor/Display Error Code 23? This display adapter is functioning correctly (Code 23).
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About the Error

If your computer features a multi-display adapter set-up, this error will occur when you are actively using one display adapter to let you know that the other may be having problems. This error occurs to let you know that the current display adapter is working fine

Tips for resolving the error code 23 in Windows.

As far as errors go, the Windows error 23 is unusual, in that it tells you that the device you are currently using is functioning correctly, but you should be concerned about the alternative display adapter. To resolve the code 23 error, you will need to navigate to the Device Manager and find the entry for the display adapter that is not functioning correctly.

Once you locate the troubled display adapter in Device Manager, right click on it to display the Properties dialog box. Click on the Drivers tab and then on Update Driver. Follow all of the prompts to finish the driver update process. If you are prompted for the location of the driver, try to let Windows detect it automatically first. If Windows is unable to find the driver, you may need to download a new copy to your hard drive and point the Wizard to that file. You can download the driver from the manufacturer’s website or copy it from the original installation disk that came with the device.

On rare instances you may attempt to locate the bad display adapter in Device Manager and Windows will not be able to find it. Try to walk through the original installation process for the main display adapter to resolve this problem. Restart your computer after installing the display adapter software to see if the adapter is now viewable in Device Manager. If it is, you should not see the error display again. If the problem persists contact the vendor for more information.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Monitor/Display error #23

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