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About the Error

You receive this error message when you open Windows Messenger and attempt to sign in to the service.

Windows code 81000314 - Repair instruction

The problem with this error is that you do not know if the service is actually unavailable or the error is due to another problem. The error can be caused by Messenger being unavailable however it can also be caused by an unregistered .dll file. To avoid fixing something you do not have to it is best begin by checking the status of the service at If the service appears to be up and running then you can proceed to try and troubleshoot the problem.

Click on Start on your main toolbar and navigate to Notepadand then choose File and then Open. Double click on C Drive and then choose the Windows folder. Click on the System32 folder and then chooseDriversand then click on etc and finally hosts. In Notepad, add and then add and then click Save. Try to sign in to Windows Messenger again.

If you are still having problems click on Start on your main toolbar and then choose Runfrom the menu. When the Command Prompt appears enter regsvr32 softpub.dlland then press the Enter key. Open the Run command again and enter Cryptdlg.dll and then press the Enter key. Repeat the same procedure for Initpki.dll Mssip32.dll Rsaenh.dll and wintrust.dll to re-register these files as well. Launch Windows Messenger again and try to sign in.

You can also check your antivirus program to ensure there have been no recent changes which could contribute to the error message or disconnect your firewall temporarily and try signing in to Windows Messenger. If you opt to try this step make sure you remember to enable the firewall after you perform the test.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Messenger error #81000314

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