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What happens

When you install the latest version of Windows Live Messenger and try to sign in you receive this error message.

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The cause of this error code is related to difficulty with Domain Name Server Resolution on different kinds of Local Area Networks (LAN). If you are certain your PC has not been infected with a virus or malware you can resolve the problem by adding a string to the hosts file.

Click on Start on the main toolbar and then choose My Computer from the pop up menu. When the My Computer window opens click on C drive and then double click on the Windows folder. In the Windows folder locate the System32 folder and double click to open it. Click on the Drivers folder and then choose etc. Use Notepad to open the Hosts file and then enter65.54.239.80 and Close the window and then try to sign in to Windows Live Messenger again.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Messenger error #8100030f

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