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About the Error

When you double check your sign-in name and password to ensure it is correct you still receive this error message which prevents you from signing in to Windows Live Messenger.

Win code #80191002 - solved in only a few minutes

The error message states that your sign-in name and password are incorrect however when you double check you still receive the error message. It does not appear like the sign-in name and password are the cause of the error. The error occurs most frequently with the Windows Vista operating system.

To resolve the error click on Start on the main toolbar of the desktop and choose Control Panel from the menu. Click on Programs and Features and then enter Live in the search prompt. When the new window opens locate Windows Live Essentials and click on it to access the wizard for Uninstall or repair your Windows Live Programs. In the Windows Live box select Repair which will automatically repair all Windows Live programs and update any required components. Make sure you close Messenger before you click on Continue. Once the program has completed the repair process you will be prompted to restart your PC. Restarting your PC is necessary before signing in to Windows Live Messenger otherwise you will receive error code 81000306 which is repaired through this same process. Once you restart your PC try to sign in to Windows Live Messenger again. The steps described here will also prevent you from receiving error code 81000306 and will repair this error as well.

You can also log on to http://support.live.com and then choose Windows Live Messenger and then click on the version of Messenger you are currently using. Choose a topic from the list that is relevant to the problem and then choose Get more help. Click on Get Support and describe the issue and then click on Submit.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Messenger error #80191002

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