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About the Error

This error occurs when you try to sign in to Windows Live Messenger and prevents you from successfully signing in to the service.

Tips for resolving the error code 80048823 in Windows.

The error is related to credentials that you have entered on the Windows Live ID website. You can begin to troubleshoot the issue by verifying your information on Live ID.

Log on to and then click on Sign in with a different account. When you are prompted enter your Windows Live ID and password that you use when you sign in to Messenger and then choose Sign In. Before Windows Messenger will log you on it is necessary for you to type in a series of random letters and numbers that is provided for you. You must type them in the order they appear and then click on Sign In to finish signing in to your Messenger account.

If you are still receiving the error message you can try to sign in by resetting your password. To do this you can log on to again and then choose Sign in with a different account. When you are prompted enter your Windows Live ID and then click on Forgot your password. Once you click on this link you will be presented with a wizard that will step you through the process of changing your password. If you cannot remember the answer to your secret question it will be necessary to contact Windows Live ID support at

If you are able log in with your new password choose your email address from the menu under Email Address and then choose Forget Me and then click on the confirmation prompt. If you do not find your ID in the Email drop down menu then enter your current email address and password and then choose Remember Me and >strong>Remember my password to save your credentials. Try to sign in to Windows Live Messenger again.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Messenger error #80048823

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