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Finding the solution for Windows Error Code 3010 is only another click away. Read the following Installation article on solving Windows Error Code 3010 in order to finally get rid of it.

What happens

Strangely enough, this is an error code that says you have not made an error. It is telling you that the operation you have requested has been successful. However, the changes you made are not going to be effective until after you reboot.

Fixing an error named 'ERROR_SUCCESS_REBOOT_REQUIRED''

When you see this error code, it is because you have successfully made some desired changes to your system or attempted an installation of software. But, those changes are not going to be applied right away. If you attempt to proceed right away after accepting those changes, you will find that the desired action still will not take place. Don’t worry! That doesn’t mean that it didn’t work. All it means is that you need to re-boot your system for the changes to take place. Shut off all of your open applications, and then re-start your computer. Then the changes you made will have taken effect.

If you were attempting to install and set up software and encountered this code, then after you re-start your computer, you may need to continue the installation to complete the procedure. Double-click on your setup.exe file that is specific to the application you were installing, and then complete the installation.

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