So You need to Repair Windows Error Code 127 The specified procedure could not be found. (Code 127)
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What happens?

If you go to a website that is running IIS on a Windows 2000 server with SP4, using the Internet Explorer browser after having installed security update 931212 for the .NET Framework, you will receive error code 127.

Don't despair if The specified procedure could not be ...

You’ll only see this error on a Windows 2000 machine, but there are still plenty of those being used on a regular basis, so it’s important to know this fix. In order to resolve this installation error, there have been some patches and updates released by Microsoft. Any time you have to install a hot fix or patch, you should treat it like any other major change. You may want to back up important files and you should always close out of other applications that you are running while the hot fix is installed.

The update that Microsoft has released for this error message is the Update Roll up for Windows 2000 SP4. This particular update is rather dated, going back to 2005, but for people who are seeing this error message frequently, it is worth looking into. As you install the update, be sure to read any directions or documentation supplied by Microsoft relevant to this fix.

The installation may take a while, so you will want to set it to go and then check back frequently to see if it is progressing. Like most cumulative updates, there is quite a bit to install with this fix, and it will really depend on the speed of your computer as to how long it will take to install.

After the installation has completed running, click on the Start button and choose Shutdown and click on Restart. Let your computer completely restart and then try to access the last website that gave you this Windows error message. If the installation completed successfully, you should not have seen the error message again. Remember that it’s important to check with Microsoft regularly for Windows updates and patches.

You can download this fix from the Microsoft website.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Installation error #127

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