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Some hardware requires configuration that goes above and beyond what a simple plug and play Windows device requires. If you get error code 34, the device you are trying to access is not fully compliant with Plug and Play standards.

Three things you can do when Windows cannot determine the settings ...

There are some issues with hardware that Windows simply cannot fix. If you get a Windows error code 34, you should immediately be aware that manual intervention with the device will be needed. This error indicates that Windows alone cannot resolve the problem for you.

Before you start trying to configure the hardware, get the support documentation that came with the hardware. If you cannot find the documentation, go online and find a copy on the manufacturer’s website. Gather all the pertinent information from the help file and follow all directions exactly. You may have to set some dip switches on the hardware, or go through some device specific menus on the hardware itself.

Most new devices are very easy to configure because Windows and the manufacturer’s software does nearly all the work for you. Some legacy devices will require you to take the steps to manually configure a device according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Be sure that you are only following the steps laid out in the support documentation for your model. Some vendor’s place every model in their documentation. You need only do the steps required for the model that you own.

Once the physical configuration is complete go to Device Manager and configure the resource settings for the device according to the vendor's documentation. Again, it is important to follow the directions precisely so you don't cause any other problems with the hardware. There may be additional software available on the vendor's website that will assist you with properly configuring the hardware and its device drivers. Never overlook the importance of holding on to all support documentation that comes with hardware that you purchase.

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