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What happens?

This error will occur if you install a driver for a device that is not Plug and Play. Windows essentially recognizes the driver but cannot interface with and connect to the device via the driver.

Don't despair if Windows successfully loaded the device ...

If you are installing a device that is not Plug-and-Play compliant and get the Windows error code 41 message, here are the steps you need to take to resolve the problem.

The first step to take is to make sure that the hardware is connected properly, online and attached to a valid power source. Many times it is the most basic issue that causes an error. Double check the connectivity of the hardware to ensure that everything is connected as it should be. You should then restart your computer, just for good measures. Rebooting your computer should be one of the first bits of troubleshooting that you do.

If the device error is still occurring try the following, depending on your individual set-up:

  • If the device is not connected – uninstall the driver by going to Device Manager, clicking on the device and selecting Uninstall on the Properties dialog box. After that go back to Device Manager, click Actions and then click Scan for Hardware Changes.
  • If the hardware is still connected – go to Device Manager, select the device and click on the Driver tab.
  • After you take these steps, click on Update Driver and follow all of the installation prompts to update the driver. This should resolve problems related to an obsolete driver.
  • For some non-Plug and Play devices you will have to install an updated driver by using the Add Hardware Wizard. To run the wizard click on Start, then on Run and type in hdwwiz.cpl and follow all of the prompts.

Depending upon your set-up, one of these solutions should fix the Windows error code 41 issue.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Hardware error #41

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