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A How-to guide on solving Windows Error Code 24. Read our guide on solving Windows Error Code 24 and use these tips. It will help you to troubleshoot your issue.

About the Error

If you try to use a locally installed device on your computer and it is not installed correctly, or the installation software has become corrupt, you will see the error message displayed for error code 24.

What I did to get rid of This device is not present, ...

Fixing the underlying problem for Windows error code 24 is not a difficult undertaking. Before you attempt to fix this issue, you need to know that there could a few possibilities as far as root causes are concerned. Determining the root cause may not be possible, but you should know the fixes for the varying scenarios.

The first process to step through to resolve the 24 error is to simply remove the device. If the device is currently attached to your computer, simply disconnect it and reboot your computer. You should then reattach the device and go to the Device Manager. Locate the device here and click on update driver. Follow all of the prompts that are displayed on your screen and let the drivers fully update. If the driver was the underlying cause of the problem this should have resolved it.

If updating the driver does not fix the problem, you may have a faulty piece of hardware on your hands. Disconnect the device and check the manufacturer’s website to see if this is a known issue with the product. If the device is still under warranty, follow the vendor’s instructions for getting a repair or replacement for the device. Windows cannot always detect that a piece of hardware is broken, but the error message 24 is an indication that there may indeed be an issue with this particular piece of hardware. If your warranty has expired for the device, you may need to pay for repair or replacement out of pocket. Check with the manufacturer for the full details.

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