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About the Error

While attempting to use a device or computer peripheral, you may notice that the device is unresponsive. If the device is unresponsive due to being disabled and you try to access it again, you will see the message for Windows error code 22.

Win code #22 - solved in only a few minutes

Windows error code 22 is actually a very easy problem to fix. Unlike some of the other hardware or device driver errors that you see, this error code is straight to the point and almost immediately tells you how to rectify the situation.

Devices, like printers, can be enabled or disabled by way of the Device Manager interface. If you try to use a device and get the 22 error, you need to navigate to the Device Manager. Once you have Device Manager open, you need to find the device that you were trying to access. Scroll through the list until you locate the device that is giving you the problem, and remember the name of the device.

To finish the fix, follow these steps:

  • While in Device Manager, click Actions.
  • After you click Actions, double-click Enable Device.
  • The Enable Device Wizard will pop up.
  • Follow all of the prompts from the Enable Device Wizard.
  • After you are done following the prompts, the device should once again be available for use, and showing up with a status of enabled.

If you continue to have issues where one particular device becomes disabled without your intervention, you may want to go to the device manufacturer’s website and see if there is a newer version of the driver for the device. If there is, follow the manufacturer’s recommended steps to install the new driver. New drivers are developed regularly by hardware vendors to fix buggy problems, like devices becoming disabled for no reason.

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