Instructions To Fix Windows Error Code 183 Cannot create a file when that file already exists. (Code 183)
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While you are running the LOGMAN utility on a Windows 2003 server at a time when other, more resource-intensive programs are also running, you will see the Windows error code 183 message, which tells you that a file already exists with that name.

Windows code 183 - Read what really helps

Microsoft has recognized this error as a problem and has released an official hot-fix to resolve the error. This is not a computer error that you will simply be able to solve by changing a few settings on your Windows server. You will need to go to the Microsoft support website and locate the necessary hot-fix and install it on your server.

Before you install any hot-fixes, be sure to read all of the accompanying documentation to make sure that the fix is the right one for your set up. These documents can often be long and very often don’t get read completely before people run the installations. Take the time to read the document all the way through to prevent potential problems.

You should not apply the hot-fix for this error code to any servers except the ones that are getting this error message. Microsoft has put this hot-fix through intensive testing, but it is still recommended that you only install it on affected servers. If your network runs a Windows SUS server, you should download the fix through that server to comply with company installation standards.

If you always apply patches manually, get the fix only from the Microsoft site to make sure that you are getting the right one. Let the installation for the hot-fix run and then reboot your Windows server. The issue should be resolved after the Server is back online. Take care when applying hot-fixes to your servers. You should follow your internal policies in regard to server down times and rebooting policies.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix File error #183

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