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A How-to guide on solving Windows Driver Error Code 5

(The driver for this device requested a resource that Windows does not know how to handle. (Code 5) )
Read our guide on solving Windows Error Code 5 and use these tips. It will help you to troubleshoot your issue.

What happens

When you attempt to use a piece of hardware that is installed on your computer and the operating system detects a conflict between devices, you may see this error pop up. Every device should use unique resources on your computer to avoid these types of errors.

What to do when you see Windows code 5

To resolve Windows error code 5, the standard advice is simply to update the device driver. This error message is similar to other error codes that make reference to needing an updated driver. When the error code displays it should give you a button to click that says “Update Driver”. Click on this button and follow the directions provided.

After updating the driver, do a complete restart on your computer. Give your computer adequate time to restart and attempt to access the hardware device again. If the updated driver steps were successful, the Windows error code 5 should not occur again.

If the error code happens on your computer again, you may need to uninstall the device and reinstall it. Here are the steps to take:

  • Go to Device Manager and remove the device.
  • Click on Control Panel and navigate to Add New Hardware.
  • Follow the directions and prompts on the screen to add the device to your PC.

Though you don't have to, it is a good idea to do another restart on your computer after following these steps. Again, let your computer have enough time to restart completely and then try to access the device again. Reinstalling the device should have resolved the issue. However, if the error code 5 displays again, you may need to go to the manufacturer's website or contact their customer support to get an updated driver for the device.

By regularly checking your device drivers and installing recommended updates and patches, you can avoid Windows error code 5. Keep your drivers up to date to reduce the likelihood of receiving this error on your computer.

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