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Running into Windows Error code 1 (This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)) can slow up your day. Searching out this guide will help you take care of the Driver problem once and for all.

What happens

This error can occur when a computer does not have the most recently updated or correct drivers installed for a peripheral piece of hardware, such as a printer, scanner or other external device.

These are the steps recommended for solving Windows code 1

To resolve this Windows error you will need to click the button displayed with the text “Update Driver”. After you click the button, the Update Driver wizard will walk you step by step through installing the most current driver. Follow the prompts as they appear to get the device drivers updated to the most current version.

In some cases simply updating the driver will not be sufficient. If you go through the Update Driver Wizard and Windows error code1 reoccurs, you will have to take additional steps. The most common solution to this error will involve checking the hardware device's documentation. If you have the hardcopy documentation that came with the hardware, look for information regarding driver installation and updates.

Some hardware will come with an electronic “Read Me” file or instructional file on the installation disk that came with the device. Look for one of these files and do a search through the contents for the electronic product documentation.

If there is not documentation included and you are unable to find an electronic version, go to the manufacturer's website and look up information pertinent to your device. Many hardware vendors have online directories with the most current drivers and installation instructions.

Once you have located and copied the most current driver to your PC, go through the steps in the Driver Installation Wizard again and choose the file location of the driver that you have copied to your computer. The process should complete successfully and the error will cease to be displayed. If the error persists, contact the vendor for advanced support.

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