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Troubleshooting Windows errors can seem like an impossible prospect. However finding the solution to Windows Error Code 0x8002006e is easier than you think. Check out our how-to guide for resolving this common problem.


You may see this error if you are burning DVDs from the finder in your Mac. The system starts the burn, but then pauses, and the disc is rendered unusable.

Repair instruction

The first and easiest solution is to try a different brand of discs. If that does not yield good results, then first, shut down Parallels, unplug the system including the AC power cord and remove the battery, and then press the power button for ten seconds without replacing the battery or plugging in the power cord. Then, replace the battery, and then hold down Option + Apple + R; while also holding down P + Power Button at the same time. Hold down all five buttons until you hear both sets of startup bells. When you hear the bells, release all five of the buttons. Then, attempt to burn your CD again.

TipFor more information, please see: How to fix Drive error #0x8002006e

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