How To Eliminate The Windows Error Code 15 The system cannot find the drive specified (code 15)
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Windows error code 15 (The system cannot find the drive specified (code 15)) can be solved. Check out our guide for troubleshooting the Disk Drive error code and how to prevent it from coming back in the future.

What happens

This error may occur anytime you are attempting to access information from a disk drive that Windows does not recognize. The drive could be a DVD drive, hard drive or even a USB flash drive. The error could even happen when a program you are running or the OS tries to access information on a disk that the computer cannot recognize.

What the experts recommended when Windows code 15 is displayed

To resolve the Windows error code 15, you need to start by finding out which device the error message is referring to. If you have any external drives connected to your computer, you should power the PC down and unplug them. Restart your computer and see if the error occurs again. If you were running several external USB devices, it is advisable to run each device through its own, dedicated USB port. If you are using a USB hub, this could be the reason that the OS is having problems recognizing the drive.

If you remove the drives and restart your computer, you can start re-adding the drives – one at a time. See if one particular drive is having a problem. If so, make sure that you have the most current drivers for that device. Go to the manufacturer's website and locate the most current driver for that particular device. Copy the files to your hard drive and update the device's drivers from the properties dialog box.

If updating the driver does not resolve the issue, you may need to check the manufacturer's website again. This time you will be looking for hot fixes or patches that address the problem that you are having. Contact customer support for the company, or look through their online help files to see if this is a known issue. If the manufacturer has a documented fix, follow the steps outlined in it.

If the manufacturer's fix does not stop the error from displaying, you may need to have the hardware looked at by a professional technician. Your computer is not recognizing the drive for a reason and a professional should be able to easily diagnose the problem.

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