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While trying to connect to a shared file resource on the network that is set to only allow a certain number of connections, you will see the Windows error code 71 message letting you know that additional connections are not allowed.

Tips for resolving the error code 71 in Windows.

In order to resolve the Windows error code 71’s underlying root cause, there may need to be a few steps taken. The method of connectivity being used and the set up of the resource that is being shared will play into exactly how the issue should be resolved. There are a few more topologies/set up schemes that can cause this error to display, so the network administrator that is resolving the issue will have to use their personal knowledge of the networks infrastructure and how people are connecting in order to best make use of the steps provided here.

If the error message is happening when a user attempts to connect to a shared file or directory the resolution should be relatively simple. The network administrator will simply need to select the resource and change the number of concurrent connections allowed in the file’s properties dialog box, under the sharing tab. This should resolve the issue. However, network admins need to know whether or not there is licensing involved with the information or application being shared. The connection limitations may have been implemented as a way of preventing a breach of the license that was obtained for the software or digital resource. Before the connection information is changes, consideration of potential license issues should be addressed.

This error message can also happen when a user tries to use Windows Remote Desktop software to connect to a computer on the network or on a remote segment of the network. If this is the case, only two connections are allowed at a time. This is a system limitation that cannot be changed. Connecting this way to a computer is resource intensive, and is restricted to a maximum of two connections to prevent using too many resources. You will have to wait until a connection becomes free before you can log in to the computer remotely.

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