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Troubleshooting Windows errors can seem like an impossible prospect. However finding the solution to Windows Error Code 652 is easier than you think. Check out our how-to guide for resolving this common problem.


This error message is displayed when there is an internet connection error. The cause is often simply a loose or incorrect connection to the modem. The solution is simple if it is a matter of just getting the wires connected properly but if it is a software problem, then a fix will have to be downloaded which can be a problem since the computer is unable to connect to the internet. One answer to this is to use another computer to download the fix, save it to a USB drive and then load it on to the problem unit.

Repair instruction

Check all your cables (use the computer owner’s manual) to check is all the connections have been made properly. Also check to see if any connections are loose and if so get new cables / jacks to ensure a tight connection. Additionally check to see is the cables are not being pulled which could cause tightly connected ones to work themselves loose.
If all the connections are correct and the problem remains go to 652 - Error Code 0x28C and download the error 652 fixing tool. Follow the instructions, which may include rebooting your computer. Once the tool is installed and run, click on Start > All Programs > Widows Update and follow the instructions for downloading updates. This should resolve the problem.
However, the 652 error can also be caused by a virus infections so it is a good idea to do a virus scan before starting any corrective action. Use any good anti-virus program after making sure that all the definitions are up to date – this can be done by simply clicking on the Update or a similar button on the programs control panel which open when you start the program.

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