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About the Error

If you try to use a device on your computer that is not responding, you may see an error code 9 message displayed on your screen. BIOS errors are a little different than standard driver errors and can occur at any given time that your computer is being used.

How I solved the code 9 error

Because Windows error code 9 is a BIOS error, special care must be taken in getting this issue resolved. The BIOS on your computer is proprietary and not every one can be fixed the same way. Each computer manufacturer uses varying BIOS systems on different models of computers that they manufacture. It is essential to refer to your computer's documentation to find the individual steps you will need to take to resolve this issue.

Updating the BIOS on your computer is not a difficult process, as long as you have adequate instructions from your computer manufacturer and have the correct file to install. Updating the BIOS is commonly called “flashing”. The BIOS of your computer is low level operating system software that is loaded on your computer during the manufacturing stage.

Luckily, most motherboard manufacturers provide an automatic utility for flashing your system's BIOS. Check with the manufacturer's website for details on this process. It used to be quite complex to update a BIOS, but in recent years the companies that make motherboards have started making automated utilities available. Follow the vendor's instructions precisely and use their automated BIOS utility or follow their manual update instructions.

For the most part, the utilities that are available allow you to enter your BIOS information (which you can get from your support documentation) into some fields online. The utility does the rest of the work and updates your BIOS.

An updated BIOS should resolve Windows error code 9. If the error code persists, contact your computer's manufacturer for more in-depth information.

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