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About the Error

This error is also displayed as “Error_Badkey.” The problem arises when Microsoft Intellipoint software is installed on a Macintosh computer. This error message means that a pointing device connected to the computer is defective, the pointing device is not properly connected to the computer or the computer does not meet the program’s minimum system requirements. When the Intellipoint control is opened on the Mac and the pointing device is clicked or the wheel is moved a large red X symbol appears.

Windows code 1010 - Repair instruction

To correct this problem, the first thing to do is examine both the Intellipoint manual and the computer manuals to see if the minimum system requirements – processor speed, RAM, hard disk capacity etc. are all met. If there is a mismatch, the device will not work. It may be possible to upgrade the system configuration, but this can be expensive and will require expert assistance. If the system requirements are matching, the next step is to ensure that the connections have been made properly and the IntelliMouse cable USB adapter is connected to a USB port of the computer. If both the system requirements and the connections are correct, then the device should be tried out on another computer where Intellipoint is functioning properly to see if there are any mechanical problems with the device which will then have to be replaced.

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